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“Recovery, change, healing - these are personal journeys. The timeline isn’t the same for everyone, but the lessons always arrive at the same result. It is one day at a time, on your time. I show up where my student is. They declare intent and we get to work. We laugh. I forgot how to feel connected to sharing a smile with another human at a certain point so I recognize and reinforce those vibrations. In the right pose? Wake up a new feeling in places previously avoided? Game over. Honestly, a new experience in not just recovery but in healing. I am so honored to share this practice - it truly recovered a life I had forgotten how to feel.” 

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Working with cycles and phases to live past recovery

Recovering Yoga Program


Rethinking Diagnosis


Rachel has years of first-hand experience in restoration and continued recovery using a blended method of yoga, body work, mindfulness, multi-layer trauma education, and various healing alternatives. In private lessons and speaking engagements her focus is on grounding, educating about the body, the multi phases of recovery, strengthening a connection to the Self, and reclaiming confidence.  She has spoken and teaches at various rehabs, transitional living homes, schools, prisons, colleges, spiritual centers and private events about the power of healing, body sensation reconditioning, mindfulness, spirituality and yoga.


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