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Energy Healing Practitioner

“I’ve been able to experience years of un medicated balance. The practitioners who have supported my healing empowered me to become self healing and not be victimized by dis-ease. Through these practices I learned to choose my focus, understand and identify what feelings are and aren’t mine, regulate my own moods. I’m soberly happy and I know that sounds so simple but it wasn’t so simple. A decade plus of confusion, relapse, shame and a loss of control was replaced with clarity, power, forgiveness and trust in my body. I now embody connecting with my intuition, motivation, health and have consistent positive experiences with life in general. It is my passion to share these practices with others.”

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Working with cycles and phases to live past recovery

Recovering Yoga Program


Rethinking Diagnosis


Rachel has years of first-hand experience in restoration and continued recovery using a blended method of yoga, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), body work, mindfulness, multi-layer trauma education, and various healing alternatives. In private lessons and speaking engagements her focus is on grounding, educating about the body, the multi phases of recovery, strengthening a connection to the Self, and reclaiming confidence.  She has spoken and teaches at various rehabs, transitional living homes, schools, prisons, colleges, spiritual centers and private events about the power of healing, body sensation reconditioning, mindfulness, spirituality and yoga.


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