Rachel Bertner, recovered from trauma, addicition, anorexia and bulemia.  Yoga for recovery. Faithful. Strong. Empowered woman.
 A fresh approach to the human experience.  Yoga for recovery after trauma, addiction, eating disorders.

Rachel created Recovering Yoga after using yoga as a tool to heal herself from her own traumas. Her methodology addresses the physical, emotional, subtle, and spiritual bodies of each student. Rachel teaches a recovery practice unlike any offered elsewhere.  

Yoga as a tool for recovery involves...

  • working with the energy and cycles of recovery.
  • creating a space to tolerate the reintegration and exploration of new feelings that surface during recovery. 
  • identifying the boundaries of what to reinforce and recondition.
  • focusing on positive experiences instead of dwelling on the pain.
  • allowing for the positive and the negative to exist simultaneously.
  • having fun with re-experiencing things for the first time.
  • body and energy education.
  • finding confidence and empowerment in the "self" after illness, trauma, and/or addiction.

It is Rachel's role to listen and meet her student's where they are on a day-to-day basis.  Naturally, this changes as the recovery changes. What you can count on from her is brutal honesty (recovery is not easy) that is still fun and lighthearted. You can count on her to be real. She also views her role as that of a connector of resources, arming her students with the tools necessary to effectively continue their healing and self-care on their own. 

From the best moments to the worst ever - you will be encouraged and challenged to celebrate it all

Though she is open to working with all goals towards wellness, Rachel has expertise and an immense passion for utilizing yoga as a tool for recovery and reclaiming the Self after trauma.