Recovery definition. Reconnecting to your Self. Healing from trauma. Regaining control of your life. Yoga for recovery.

Recovering Yoga by Rachel Bertner uses the life practice of yoga as the main tool for recovering the Self after trauma. The word trauma suggests one or more severe experiences but is more easily defined as ANY instance where a piece of your true Self became lost.  This could be from violent experiences such as rape, childhood abuse, intimate partner violence, bullying, or assault, to offenses to the Self from one’s own behaviors such as eating disorders (including overeating) or addiction.  

Rachel created Recovering Yoga after using yoga as a tool to heal herself from her own traumas.  The depth in freedom she found in healing created a passion to make this type of healing available to everyone.  Her methodology addresses the physical, emotional, subtle, and spiritual bodies of each student. Rachel teaches a recovery practice unlike any offered elsewhere.  Teachings are one-on-one and are tailored to the specific needs of each student.  Rachel draws upon her studies/professional experience, certified training(s), observations of other’s recovery processes, and the wisdom gained from healing her own traumas in guiding her students. This combination provides a unique and incredibly profound experience in healing.

You can find brief overviews of Rachel’s approach to healing, the services she offers, a bit of Rachel’s story in her own words, some of Rachel's experience, as well as testimony from some of her students by navigating the links at the top of the page.  When you come upon any words or even whole page that resonates with you, contact Rachel for further information on how she can support your personal recovery of Self.  

Recovering Yoga owner Rachel Bertner. Strong.  Happy. Healthy. Yoga for recovery. From Addiction, eating disorders, and trauma.