Rachel's Story


"I spent over a decade in and out of treatment facilities and hospitals trying to follow directions to be rid of my own trauma, history of abuse, and struggle with anorexia and panic disorders. Nothing was working and my heart kept failing. In mind, body and spirit. In a last attempt and another bottom - I agreed to try a few yoga postures. Everything changed. I had been told the type of healing I started experiencing was impossible - yoga saved my life.


Yoga helped me not just control my thoughts but I was able to understand them. Identify the connection between my thoughts and my body. It changed my life when I could embody confidence and power. Through my practice and lifestyle changes, I learned how to not just rid myself of shame and anxiety - but FEEL the absence. I could identify what was gone. Label no longer present symptoms and stop labeling myself.  I was able to connect to feelings of control and clarity in my mental health. I had given up believing this was possible. 


I’ve been able to experience years of unsupervised and un medicated balance. I choose my focus and I can understand and identify what feelings are and aren’t mine. I can regulate my own moods. I’m happy and I know that sounds so simple but it wasn’t so simple. A decade plus of confusion, relapse, shame, and a loss of control was replaced with clarity, power, forgiveness, and trust in my body and self. I now embody connecting with my intuition, motivation, health and have consistent positive experiences with life in general. 


Yoga helped me see myself differently and that changed how I viewed everything. Formerly traumatic memories, became stories I was a part of but not defined by. As I opened up to different parts of the practice and healing, I found the power in spirituality. I could be open to life in a way I never had words for until I started studying yoga. I finally had the words. 


Recovery, change, healing - these are personal journeys. The timeline isn’t the same for everyone, but the lessons always arrive at the same result. It is one day at a time, on your time. I show up where my student is, daily. They declare intent and we get to work. We laugh. I forgot how to smile at a certain point so I recognize and reinforce those vibrations. In the right pose? Wake up a new feeling in places previously avoided? Game over. Truly, a new experience in not just recovery but in healing. I am so honored to share this practice - it truly recovered a life I had forgotten how to feel. ”