As someone who has struggled with depression, anxiety and anorexia for almost three decades and has been in and out of several inpatient and outpatient treatments I was hesitant to believe that anyone or anything could help me. However, when the only therapist I have ever trusted referred me to Rachel, I began to experience life in a whole new way. From day one Rachel treated me like the living breathing soul that I am and not some disorder, number or problem. She has taught me how to breathe in to life, embrace my emotions and live in my body. .....She reinforces positivity without dismissing the fact that negative also exists, but she chooses to live in the light and I never leave my session with her without feeling a glow within myself. I am no longer just existing, I am living!
— Joy, LMSW
Powerful Living. I have been honored to know and work with Rachel for many years and have a deep, profound respect for her work. She brings energy, kindness, compassion and a unique understanding to healing. Healing is about living and her work is about discovering the life within. She is an expert in helping clients heal and grow through trauma and eating disorders. Clients are given the utmost respect, are empowered to find what is true in their bodies. I look forward to working with Rachel as a colleague for many years to come.
— David R. Dagg, LPCC-S, LICDC-CS
When I first met Rachel I was just looking for a way to gain more flexibility for a show I was performing in and that was it. One year later, we are still working together. Not only have I gained more flexibility than I ever had before, I also have never looked or most importantly felt better. She has been my guide, coach and mentor for a journey of wholeness within myself. She is remarkable and I have never gotten better results in all aspects of my life. Our work together shows up everywhere in my life. She is a great teacher.
— Brittany, Life Coach
Rachel is the kind of person you are drawn to. Someone you want to be around. Her energy is infectious and this comes through with her teaching. I have been practicing yoga with Rachel for almost a year now and my practice has grown so much with her assistance. Rachel knows how to help you progress in your practice and challengers you to realize your possibilities. Namaste.
— Jill, Nurse Practitioner
What’s it like to work with Rachel? I was ready to act out, ruin my bento detox and “forget” about lunch today. None of that happened because of her words. I asked her for a “yoga off the mat” suggestion and because she has taken the time to know me, she knew what to suggest. It worked straight away. Her perspective helped me shift mine around enough to eat again and get back on track. I used to think recovery was about getting tougher but it’s not. It’s learning how to stay soft around the hard people and protect my space and energy. She teaches this, she gets it.
— Tia, Student
When I was very young, I had a strong desire for a certain thing to happen. I would sit on my bed at night and wait for an angel to come get me. This was my hope. Over the next three decades I experienced rapes, abuses, mis-diagnosed mental illnesses, and swallowed secret after secret with every bite of food I put into my mouth. I ballooned to 326 pounds. The size of my body represented the size of the hurts I carried inside. Which brings me to the second definition of hope. A person or thing that may help or save someone. Put simply … I was introduced to Rachel. With her support, guidance, and truths delivered with compassion and kindness, I have gone from being dead inside to someone who has acquired the third definition of hope. Grounds for believing something good may happen. Not just sheer desire anymore, but grounds. Evidence. Proof. Mine? I know how to smile again. How to genuinely laugh. How to weep if I need to. How to ground and stay present and calm in difficult moments. How to be kind to myself. How the hard and painful work of recovery from trauma leads to seeing beauty and relief the likes I could not have dreamt before. And as the pains have shed, so too has my weight. An unexpected side effect of human versus pharmaceutical treatment. My work not yet complete, my hope is now deeper, more profound. Working with Rachel has given me back the one thing I whole heartedly believed I had lost forever all those decades ago. And appropriately it is the archaic and almost forgotten definition of hope. Hope: In the archaic – a feeling of trust.
— Melissa